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Are you starting eshop business or looking to increase your payment conversions? You need trustworthy reviews.

Are you an administrator or owner of an online casino, bodybuilding supplements, pharmacy or other similar type of website/e-shop? You are dealing with a range of specific issues, but we know them and can help you. Take advantage of our system of relevant comments that will convince visitors that your website/e-shop is trustworthy.

We will create a profile for you where our reviewers will write comments about your website/e-shop. You can then place an informer on your website/e-shop with information about the credibility of your website. Your customers can also access your profile through the informer. To enhance overall credibility, we can also add negative comments that can be resolved positively.

Profil setting:

Minimum of 20 reviews per month

Minimum of 4 interactions with clients

Country of origin of comments by agreement

Language of comments by agreement

Preparation of informers according to your wishes

Ability to respond to reviews

Ability to manage reviews

Verifiable information about package delivery (package photo, tracking code, warehouse photo)

Listing your website/e-shop as a top industry e-shop

Strong and relevant backlink

Tip: Did you know that placing only positive reviews under products on your own e-shop actually discourages visitors and can reduce conversions by up to 50% on average? People simply don’t believe them and think you are making them up yourself.

And don't forget!!!

We do NOT need ANY data about you, your clients, your website visitors, orders, etc. We offer 100% discretion. We accept BTC.

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